Are you thinking one day isn’t enough? You are sadly mistaken. Take it from a local that has lived here 27 years, were going to make this work, don’t you worry! Below I have created the perfect itinerary to weave you in and out of traffic like you are in the Bat Mobile.

Arrive by 9 am

  • If you take away one thing from this post it is simply this, start EARLY. When I drive past the tulip fields at 9 a.m. vs 11 a.m., it is as if I began my drive through Mount Vernon and the town changed drastically into Seattle.
  • It is best to arrive at the tulip fields right when they open. Both open at 9 am daily from March 30th – May 1st, 2020. Below I have attached information for both Tulip Farms regarding hours of operation, admission, and special pricing.

Breakfast Route #1

 Are you an early riser who is willing to get up and enjoy a sit-down breakfast? The following restaurants, according to the town you are traveling through are my favorites!

  • Mount Vernon
    • Mr. T’s Family Café: A local favorite. Home style cooking never tasted better, & you can’t complain about the portion sizes! Make sure to tip your waiter extra, same servers since I was a kid, and they mean business!
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  • Third street café: If you are looking to taste the difference in a locally-sourced meal, you have come to the right place. With all local farmers and vendors displayed for everyone to see you are supporting local.


Billy’s Café: Another local favorite of mine that simply creates delicious food at speedy times. If you are up for a challenge, try yourself at Billy’s Challenge.

Consisting of…

2 Lbs. of potatoes with peppers and onions. 3 homemade biscuits covered with our famous country gravy. Topped with 5 eggs with cheese and 2 strips of bacon.

30 minute time to clean your plate.

4.99 or FREE if you can finish it.

I’ve never done it but fun to watch others.

Train Wreck: If you like to start your mornings with a Bloody Mary, this is the spot to go.

The BREAKFAST BLOODY MARY includes ham, egg & cheddar breakfast biscuit sliders, bacon-wrapped potatoes, sausage meatballs, ham, salami, Irish White Cheddar, blue cheese stuffed olive, dill pickle spear, carrot, apple, pickled cherry pepper, pepperoncini, celery, and green onions. Best part? This is served ALL DAY.

Breakfast Route #2

Do you like to sleep in? Me too. Luckily in Washington, that will never have a shortage of drive-thru coffee stands. Behold! The best two coffee stands.

Whidbey Coffee: Located at 1960 Marketplace Dr, Burlington, WA 98233.

This is my go-to spot for studying. If you find yourself with a little more time on your hands, I encourage you to head inside to enjoy this coffee shop and lovely plant wall, yes, it is real.

Leaded Coffee: Simply put, these ladies brew a fantastic cup of coffee like nobody’s business. Love’m.

977 S Burlington Blvd
Burlington, Washington 98233 AKA right across from Fred Meyer

Fueled up & ready to roll:

Head for Tulip Town first. Why?

They are the first to close out of the 2 farms and have more displays about agricultural history, which is much easier to read when there are not as many people scrambling around. Below is their address.

15002 Bradshaw Road, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Here come the crowds:

Probably between 10:30 and 11:30 you notice a lot more people meandering around. Thank goodness you came early!

Time to head to the car for your next adventure.

DO NOT go to RoozenGaarde now. As the parking lot at Tulip Town begins to pile up with cars the same scenario is happening at RoozenGaarde. Not to worry, Skagit Valley is filled with many fun things to do!!!!

Trip to La Conner:

This tiny town sits right off the waterfront of the Swinomish Channel is merely an 11-minute car ride. A cutest little town you will not want to miss out on, full of rich history and a unique small-town vibe.

  • Parking: Parking on 1st street can be hard to come by, but do not worry I have a trick up my sleeves. When you get to the end of 1st street and have had no luck find parking you can do one of two things, take a left at the stop sign, then a right at the next one, and you will see a parking lot ($4.00 for all day), or when you get to that second stop sign previously stated take a left and there should be parking on that road.
  • Shops you must visit!
    • Pelindaba Lavender: You will be able to smell the lavender from down the road and don’t be shy about it. Stop by! Enjoy their lavender tea while visiting.
    • Two Moons: This quirky shop has all the unique Knick knacks you could ever want in your home.
    • The Wood Merchant: Locally handcrafted woodworking. Simply put amazing. Amazingly, individuals were able to craft such unique items through their creativity.
    • Handmade La Conner: I cannot recommend this place more. Natural beauty products galore and at reasonable prices too! Handmade La Conner has everything for ladies, men, laundry, even your doggo!


It’s that time, my favorite part of the day! As you all have seen after walking around, there are wonderful places to eat. If you are looking for somewhere to experience the North West culinary experience with a view, I suggest La Conner Seafood & Prime Rib House. Why?

Excellent question!

  • Fresh seafood
    • Firecracker Prawns
    • Halibut Macadamia (During dinner only)
    • Pan Fried Oysters
    • Dungeness Crab Cakes
  • Scratch Made Meals
    • All the sauces, dressings, creams are made in house. Everything is made to order to ensure the freshest meals to our guests
  • Waterfront Dining
    • With seating up to 100 guests on the water, we are happy to say we have one of the largest waterfront decks in Skagit County
  • Local Brew, Wine, & Liquor
    • This is literally your one stop shop to enjoy all of what our lovely valley has to offer you.
  • Looking for a burger?
    • We have that too! Enjoy our delicious house burger or Avocado Brie Burger that has fans raving over.
  • Want something light?
    • Our appetizers make it simple to share with a friend or by yourself. Some of my favorites are…
      • Garlic Baked Brie
      • Seared Sea Scallops
      • Steamed Clams
  • Prime Rib EVERYDAY!
    • Starting at 4 pm when our dinner starts

 Honestly, you cannot go wrong with this choice. Every time I come back, I am wowed by the quality of the food, friendliness of the staff, and gorgeous scenery every time.

After your meal

It is time to once again hit the road to

By now, the crowds should have died down, creating a much better experience for you. 

After RoozenGaarde

& just like that, you have done it! You went against everything your friends, family, and great-grandma who said a day trip to the Tulip field is impossible (my grandma use to say I would never get out of the tulip fields alive, haha, oh Grandma Bling Bling). You made memories without a wink of stress; you should be proud of this moment.

But now it is time to hit the dusty trail.


You can say yeah right to that noise and keep the party going!

In that case! I would head to Valley Shine Distillery. Yes, they specialize in cocktails, but they also have beer on tap and FOOD! Delicious food.

This place is fresh, hip, and locally sourced. If you happen to do this trip on a Thursday, you won’t want to pass up the visit because they have Cocktail Sampler Flights! S’CUTE!

We believe in the family who started this and their product. We carry their product because they represent the Skagit Valley so wonderfully.

Below I have attached their website, and I highly recommend checking this place out.

That’s all folks

Look at you, experiencing all you can in one day the Skagit Valley has to offer. Do you want more? Stay tuned for another blog titled “Skagit Valley Tulip Weekend” if you are wanting something a little lengthier.  

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Experience the difference

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